News 2019

Familytrip for kids with parent,
4 950:-, SEK /adult
3 950:-, SEK /child under 18 yrs

For this season we start to arrange our familtrips for children with parents. The trip is arranged with two compentent instructors an outdoorguides. All services included, like food and all the outdoor equipment you will need, tents, cocking gear, misc. equipment.If you need a sleepingbag this will also be furnished. The main goal is to give you an new and shared outdoor experience with your Family and also to meet other people from other countries !

The trip will include;

By arriwal we have a small reception and meeting with some coffe and sandwhiches including general information about the trip. Saying hello to the tour mates etc. Presentation of the trip and the skills being tought during the trip by the instructors, like firemaking, survival tricks, camp making, going by canoe in the night, about the visit of exiting areas during the trip like caves and old historical sites from the Vikings !

This is what we supply;

Two /three man canoe, paddles, livejackets, cocking equipment, food for the 6 days of travel, safetyequipment, Wheels for the transportation of the canoe during portages, maps, tents, sleepinbags, .local transports, guided tour by two instructors.

Timeschedules 2019

Week 28 8 july-14 july Familytrip 28
Week 33 12 augusti -18 augusti Familytrip 33

Many of our customer have asked for this the last year and we assure you that this is a very good way of learning to behave in the nature and also have some time to anjoy the beutyful area of Nordmarken.

During the trip our instructors will make some special programs for the children to let the adults enjoy themselves in a relaxed way.

Please feel free to call us or simply fill in teh booking request for more information !