Canaoeing in our waters

Outdoor life in connection with water has always attracted many people. Canoeing on shiny lakes or through narrow streams, with all nature's experiences along the beaches, is both exciting and relaxing.

Värmland / Dalsland is varied - from complete wilderness to beautiful cultivated small idyllic communities. We have deliberately set an upper limit for the number of canoes we rent. This is to offer our customers time, care and give you time to experience nature. You can also choose to stay a few nights at our facility and indulge in yourself in peace and quiet. For those of you who are above outdoor life, this is a good tip. Some days we arrange excursions and other activities such as Moose Safari and different types of try out programs such as. climbing.

We have everything from canoe trips on your own to wilderness tours with a guide and all equipment and special arrangements for schools, companies and associations

Large "Montreal Canoe" 16 persons

A large canoe is 11.5 meters long and 1.7 meters wide. And has room for a maximum of 16 people in each canoe.

Canoeing Montreal canoe (big canoe) is a huge experience! You get your paddle, your place in the canoe, your personal packing bag.

Then it's off!

Number of participants from a minimum of ten to 32 people. A real journey with a big canoe - just like in ancient times in the wilderness of Canada. The equipment is historic. You live in Indian tents and cook the classic food together in large pots over campfires. Storkanot is recommended for all groups, school classes, scouts, companies and associations.

Special events for schools and associations.

Canoepackage for Students

Includes; (for two persons)

Canoe with paddles and life jacket
Two / three man mountain tent
Alcohol kitchen with pots and frying pan
All provisions/food from us in provisions boxes

Includes; (per group)

Instruction before departure
Review of the paddle area, campsites etc.
Map of the paddle area
Tools, ax, saw, shovel
A larger tarpaulin
If necessary, canoe cart

Prices 2023
Canoepack 3 full days /24 16 per (limit for price) 1045.- SEK per/person
Extra day 420.- SEK pp
Canoepack /provisions/food 3 full days /24 1840.- SEK pp
Extra day 610.- SEK pp