Group and Leadership Development

Collaborative Process

Our development program for team and leadership development focuses on the interaction process. Through various exercises with discovery-based learning as the basic conditions are created for the study of group communication and decision. The exercises are arranged so that participants are forced to think, plan, and finally acting like a proper team with effective leadership. All drills are performed outdoors, in a way that the participant is in a “trygghetszon”. Which can shed light on the participant’s part of the group and so that their own attitude contribute to the group’s success. Exercises are led by our supervisor that connects each exercise to a process-oriented analysis and follow-up calls to the group.

The goal of this is that tydligöra group patterns, behaviours and values. This can then be compared with the daily work situation and improve the group’s way of working and dealing with the interpersonal process usually related to various theories tutor groups for development and thus clarifies the group’s own development. Involvement Most of the exercises are of adventurous nature and requires both sacrifice and commitment beyond the ordinary. It is the commitment that’s important. Through our program, which puts each participant in the group in a situation where everyone must take responsibility, we create a different environment as opposed to a traditional lecture, where we instead listen to the theories of group interaction and leadership.

"Learning by doing"

At the site are a number of fixed lines for the various exercises of varying nature. All exercises and games are arranged so that the participant needs to focus on planning, analysis, organization and communication. Both the group and the individual are given the opportunity to improve their behaviour and process it actively. Development takes place through ‘learning by doing, what we call experience-based learning. Of course, each participant responsible for their own development and we are therefore no forces to carry out an operation he would give up. Such a choice is supported by both the supervisor and the group and is an individual responsibility. However, some exercises such as the so-called “trust exercises” in which their fear is handled, excepted. The supervisor points out where the aim of the exercise without it being necessary to force the participant.

Preparing our program reaches the best results when it can be adapted to each group’s needs. We need to know a bit about your relationship and work even before you come to us. We’re happy you and carry out an analysis, if necessary, to draw up a program with you. We have a long experience and have worked with many companies for many years. Our tutors have a serious, professional training and experience in several areas of work. Of course, all of us a solid sense of wilderness and outdoor recreation