Pricelist 2023

Low season

High season

Time Low/High season (SEK)
Canoe (3 paddes, 2 lifejackets spade) 1 week 1850:- / 2050:-
2 weeks 2950:- / 3300:-
1 day (24 tim) 550:- / 650:-
2 days 850:- / 950:-
3 days 1050:- /1150:-
4 days 1250:- / 1350:-
5 days 1450.- / 1550:-
6 days 1650.-/1750.-
Half day 8 tim 525:- / 600:-
One day extra more than one week/two weeks 1:st day 300.-/Then 200.-
Tent 2 mans 1 week / 2 w. 525:- / 725:-
Canoewheel 1 week / 2 w. 450:- / 650:-
Waterproof bag 1 week / 2 w. 160:- / 210:-
Packdrum 120 liter 1 week / 2 w. 150:- / 190:-
Packdrum 50 liter 1 week / 2 w. 75:- / 120:-
Sleepingbag incl linen 1 week / 2 w. 300:- / 400:-
Matress 1 week / 2 w. 50:- / 100:-
Cooker TRANGIA 1 week / 2 w. 225:- / 325:-
Backpack 70 l. 1 week / 2 w. 250:- / 350:-
Extra person in canoe 1 day / 1 week 300:- / 550:-
Campfee on the center 1 day 125:-/150:-
Naturepreserv. fee 1 day 60:- (pay by app)
Parking at the center 7 days 100:- /125:-

Please note that the "Natureconservation fee" will apply with 60,- SEK /person and day (under age 12 free).  This you have to pay upon arriwal and before you start the tour.

There is a registration fee of 20% which have to be paid within 7 days after booking. This  amount will be deducted on arrival when you pay the full amount. If you cancel  14 days before arrival, the registration fee will be refunded. In order for your booking to be valid, you must pay the registration fee no later than 7 days after receiving the confirmation from us. If you don´t cancell your booking in time or don´t show up at dates we will bill you the full amount. 

You have to use this link to pay; NATUREFEE

If you stay overnight at the canoecenter you must pay 125:- (Higseason 150:-) SEK per night and person to use the toilette/showers and shelters on the camp.  You have entrance to the  "gillestuga" lounge area and you can use the outdoorkitchen as well as free firewood in the camp.   

We have a very nice private place close to the shore line (6 meters) for customer with campervans for 500 :- SEK per night. (Limited to only one to two  places) This includes power and admitance to the toilettes/showers. 

If you book more than five canoes there is 5% reduction, 25% V.A.T. is included in the prices

Regarding the stay with us and some useful information:

The stay on the canoe center instead of leaving the same day will cost SEK 125:- /150:- per person and night. This includes the use of our lounge area/reception, free coffe and the high class hot showers and toilettes as well as the shelter and cookinghouse with free wood on the camp. To park your car on the parking lot at the center (24 hours guarded with emergency start facilities, so if you have a dead battery we will help at no charge) cost 100:- SEK per week. As we dont know if people arriwe one day earlier or even have a car it is difficult to include this in our offer and prepayment as we don´t know the custumers planning.  A map covering the 10 000 km2 area including information about the area as well as wildlife and fishing cost 120:- SEK and a waterproof map cost 149:- SEK The area is large and the maps contains details about the overnight sites and shelters. It is possible to order the maps ahead and include them in the offer/price. But due to the weather situation and need of each guest it is difficult for us to know the planned route and supply free maps for our guests !

We hope that this information will help out.

The reception is open daily;  08.00-18.00

There is an instruction how to paddle and use the canoe included in the price.