This is how you drive by car to us!

From Stockholm

You drive along the E 18 to Årjäng. Shortly before Årjäng you turn left at "TENVIK" to Sillegårdsed. Drive this small road about 4 kilomters you will fin our sign. "RISVIKEN" and turn left again. Follow the road for 7 km and you will se the "KANOTCENTRAL" sign at the entrance ! ( When you are turning just simply reset your distancecounter to zero)

Travel from Gothenburg

Follow the main higway E6 to Uddevalla ! Then leav the main higway into road 172 to Årjäng ! You will pass Bengtsfors before. Just keep driving to Årjäng. Shortly before Årjäng you turn right . Then drive for 2 kilometers then turn right again. Follow the road to "Sommarvik" Pass "Sommarvik" and after 1.5 kilometer you will se the sign of the center like abowe. Turn right !

Small Tip!

Using the GPS is smart but remember to turn of at Udevalla ! The GPS will direct you to Oslo and this route is not the best!

GPS; N59 17 56.13, E 12 09 12.69